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Original Solid Snake Voice Actor David Hayter Teasing Something, Possibly Metal Gear Solid or Death Stranding Related

David Hayter, the original voice actor for Snake in Metal Gear Solid, has just teased something on Twitter. Robin Atkin Downes, the voice actor for Metal Gear Solid’s Kaz Miller, tweeted to Hayter, “@DaidBHayter I have a serious mission for you #Snake…please message me…#Kaz,” to which Hayter replied, “Kaz…Message received,” with a GIF of the infamous scene from Godfather III, where Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone says, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

The Death Stranding Theory

This is pure speculation, of course, but it’s worth mentioning that Robin Atkin Downs had also previously tweeted the artwork of Death Stranding with a caption “@Kojima_Hideo What was it all for…? If the Boss has some plan, what is it?” Most who saw the tweet have since assumed that he’ll be joining the voice cast of Death Stranding for an unspecified role.

It’s unknown whether the two voice actors are simply winding fans up or not, but there’s no denying that it would make a powerful reunion of talent. The game already has Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, Guillermo del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen, and Léa Seydoux, an impressive roster for the game’s characters. Akio Otsuka, who voiced the Japanese version of Solid Snake, has also been confirmed to be making an appearance within the game. Whether that’s further indication of Hayter’s involvement or not remains to be seen.

However, there was allegedly friction between Kojima and Hayter (leading to the casting of Kiefer Sutherland in MGS V), which brings us to another possible theory.

The Metal Gear Solid Theory

The back and forth between Robin Atkin Downs and David Hayter has been entirely Metal Gear Solid related. They use their Snake and Kaz names from the series, and make numerous references to MGS. If this was something about Death Stranding, why make the talk so clearly about Metal Gear Solid? The only connection is Robin Atkin Downs’ original tweet to Hideo Kojima, and we may be drawing too many conclusions on what could amount to nothing.

The stronger possibility is that there is some Metal Gear Solid related project coming soon. We just passed the 20th anniversary of the first Metal Gear Solid, where Downs and Hayter teamed up to voice Kaz and Snake respectively. Most recently Downs tweeted out an article written by Hayter himself about how he became Solid Snake, saying “Great story #Snake…So what happens to us now?” That’s the question that everyone is asking Robin, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the answer.

What do you think this tease will end up being? Is it Death Stranding related? Or is it something to do with Metal Gear Solid? Weigh in below.

[Source: Zet Gaming via Twitter]