Let’s Show Those Aliens Who’s Boss in Earthfall’s New Invasion Update

The developers at Holospark have been hard at work on their sci-fi co-op shooter, Earthfall, and taken time to discuss their new update, featuring a new mode, different maps, and an overhauled player progression system. The update, titled Invasion, will launch on October 30, 2018, and is completely free to all players whom already own the game. Holospark also detailed their take on horde gameplay with their new Invasion Mode:

Invasion Mode is our twist on classic horde gameplay with waves of enemies attacking, while you and your friends do your best to survive each wave. As you fight, you will earn credits to unlock all types of perks, including the ability to print different and more powerful weapons on the 3D printers, enable traps that cause chaos and massive damage to the enemy, and obtain buffs that could help you survive the next wave.

We have four new maps that Invasion Mode will be playable on, and we’re ready to reveal three of them to you: Raven’s Roost, Satsop Nuclear Facility and The Mines.

In addition player progression, you will now be able to unlock new outfits, weapon skins, weapon charms, and timed experience boosts for yourself and your team as you level up. This update marks the third of the three that were planned within Holospark’s content roadmap. If you have yet to try Earthfall, you can check out our review to see if it’s something you’d enjoy.

The alien invasion is starting to sound pretty fun. Who else is ready to join the fight? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]