You Best Not Sneeze Around The True Sons in The Division 2

March 15, 2019 draws ever near, and with the imminent release of The Division 2 comes juicy details regarding one of the game’s gun-toting factions, the True Sons. The group is about as nice as you’d expect any post-apocalyptic survivors to be, in that they’d sooner shoot you than invite you over for roasted squirrel.

The True Sons are made up of a former paramilitary group, now mutineers and trained criminals amidst the biological calamity suffocating the nation. They believe the country was founded on bloodshed, and will find itself once more through more bloodshed. It’s good logic, coming from their leader, Antwon Ridgeway, who seems to have a level head on his shoulders with such expressions like:

There is no room for weakness. Cowards die on their knees. It’s gonna be great.

Ridgeway is a colonel once tasked with the production of individuals within the quarantine. Once the devastation and violence broke his brain, he realized that the weak and dying were no longer relative for survival. Thus began his tyrannical regime. When going up against Ridgeway and the True Sons, you can expect plenty of variety within their enemy archetypes. Ten, to be exact, detailed on Ubisoft’s developer page:

The ten different archetypes within the faction will have their own unique behavior and mechanisms. Depending on which special ability the archetype has, that will also act as their weak point. For example, the Medic archetype’s special ability is his shock pads. With them, he can revive allies and shock enemies. If you shoot these shock pads, they will get destroyed, everyone around him will get shocked, and he will lose his abilities.

Let’s hope that level of variety holds up with all the factions throughout The Division 2. You should also check out the story trailer if you haven’t done that, yet. What enemy types do you hope to see when the game releases? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Ubisoft]