Red Dead Redemption 2 Requires Red Dead Online for the Platinum Trophy

Even though Red Dead Online isn’t coming until next month, it’s still considered to be a part of the overall Red Dead Redemption 2 package. If you were thinking you could hammer out a (not so) quick single-player Platinum, think again. Red Dead Redemption 2’s trophy list has 17 trophies that will require Red Dead Online to earn. The good news is that these Red Dead Online trophies paint an interesting picture of what we can expect from the game’s multiplayer side of things. Here are the 17 Red Dead Online trophies:

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Red Dead Online Trophies

  • Breakout – Complete the Intro.
  • Series Major – Take part in a Series.
  • Gun For Hire – Accept 10 Free Roam missions from characters around the world.
  • Eventful – Play 5 Free Roam Events.
  • Buckle Up – Achieve 5 gold belt buckles from awards.
  • The Real Deal – Achieved MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).
  • Horses for Courses – Concurrently own 5 horses.
  • Getting Started – Reach Rank 10.
  • Notorious – Reach Rank 50.
  • All’s Fair – Successfully counter a rival Posse’s Free Roam mission.
  • Home Comforts – Purchase 5 camp improvements.
  • Non-Regulation – Craft 25 pieces of ammunition.
  • Posse Up – Form a Persistent Posse.
  • Master Craftsman – Craft 20 items (excluding ammo).
  • Butchered – Sell 20 items to the Butcher.
  • Picked to Perfection – Pick 25 Herbs.
  • Strength in Numbers – Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members.

It looks like some systems will return from the first Red Dead Redemption’s online, as well as taking some inspiration from GTA Online and its wild success. It also seems like the camp system from the single-player game will be involved in Red Dead Online as well.

Red Dead Redemption 2 released to critical acclaim, beloved by all who have played it. Our own review says that it redefines the open-world genre of games and sets a whole new bar for developers to strive towards. It tells an impressive amount of stories contained within the world, though it may take a little while to download and install. A game of this scope has an understandably enormous file size.

Were you going to try to Platinum Red Dead Redemption 2? What about now that you know about the Red Dead Online trophies? Let us know what you think of the trophy list and the fact that the Platinum is locked behind a mode that doesn’t exist yet.