Squishies Gameplay Trailer Reveals an Adorable and Relaxing Experience

Squishies, the upcoming PlayStation VR-exclusive puzzle-platformer, looks to be quite the unique experience. A just-released gameplay trailer shows off what looks to be a game that lets you chill out and surround yourself with adorable alien creatures.

Check out the trailer here:

Squishies will feature over 100 levels to test your brainpower. In addition, you’ll be able to create your own levels and share them with the community. It may not offer the freedom of Dreams, but it is great anytime the players can flex their creative chops.

If you’re unsure about what Squishies is all about, here’s the description, per developer Brainseed Factory:

Help stranded Squishies find their way back home in a fantastic miniature 3D universe! Squishies is a single player, puzzle platform experience, built exclusively for PSVR. Solve puzzles and save Squishies, or be creative and build your own levels—then share them with the community!

Squishies is only part of a strong lineup of PlayStation VR games. Some heavy-hitters, like Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Farpointhave made waves since their release. This fall also sees the release of Tetris Effect, a complete reimagining of the iconic puzzle game.

Are you on board with Squishies? Or are you still not sold on it quite yet? Let us know!