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Bethesda’s Pete Hines Believes Gaming Platforms Will Become More Homogenized in the Future

Bethesda executive Pete Hines said during a panel at PAX Australia that he sees video game platforms becoming more homogenized in the future.

As reported by GameSpot, Hines once again used DVD players as an example, noting that customers who purchase DVDs can play them on any brand of player that they like, and he believes video games are going to “move closer and closer” to that.

“You might decide to play it on the Sony machine or the Microsoft machine or use the Google service, but it will start – I think – to look more like it really doesn’t matter what you choose to play it on,” said Hines. “You just want to play this game on the thing you choose to play your games on whether that’s because where your friends are or whatever. Things like cross-platform play, cross-platform progression, all of that stuff.”

Hines then suggested that the games industry needs to move away from exclusivity as that will benefit everyone including developers.

“We as an industry need to start to move to not be so beholden to, ‘I only make a thing for that machine and not this one,'” he opined. “The faster we get to that the better it’ll be for developers, the better it’ll be for games.”

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[Source: GameSpot]