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Support Extra Life With the PlayStation LifeStyle Staff, Check Out the Stream Schedules

November 2, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

PlayStation LifeStyle Extra Life

9 am EST to 6 pm EST, Friday-SundayExtra Life is an incredible opportunity to use our hobby and passion for a lot of good. The Extra Life charity gives back to children’s hospitals, supporting the care and recovery of sick kids that need it. Meanwhile, we get to play some awesome games for long periods of time to rally everyone together for those donations. Those 24-hour live stream rallies can get exhausting, but it’s all worth it when we get to see how much money we raised.

This year’s event takes place this weekend, November 3-4, 2018 and we’ve got a few members of the PlayStation LifeStyle staff ready to stream for you. Social Media Manager Annette Polis will be tackling the full 24-hour stream, attempting desperately to stay awake in those final hours while she gets donations from you. Managing Editor Keri Honea and Contributing Editor Blake Grundman will be splitting their streams into three eight-hour days, starting today and continuing through Sunday.

Annette Polis

Schedule: Midnight EST Nov. 3 to Midnight EST Nov. 4

Extra Life Donation Page

Twitch Live Stream

Keri Honea

Schedule: 9 am EST to 6 pm EST, Friday-Sunday

Extra Life Donation Page

Twitch Live Stream

Blake Grundman

Schedule: 9 am EST to 6 pm EST, Friday-Sunday

Extra Life Donation Page

Twitch Live Stream

Annette, Keri, and Blake would love your support throughout the weekend, so please go watch their streams, participate in their chats, and donate to charity in order to help these kids in need.

A few years ago, we sat down with the founder of Extra Life and talked to him about the creation of the charity and where he thought it might go in the future. He also talked to us about changing the gamer stereotype and actively using this hobby for good. PlayStation LifeStyle often has members of the staff and community that participate in Extra Life each year, and if you have any ideas for future years, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the event.