24 Hours of Gaming for Charity – PSLS and Extra Life on Oct 25th

Gamers are a dedicated bunch. We’re dedicated to finishing our games, staunchly defending our platform of choice, or earning every trophy we can. We are passionate, we are loud, and we can accomplish nearly anything that we set our minds to. That’s why I was humbled to find out about Extra Life last year. Gaming for a cause. My game playing and dedication to it can make a difference! I’ve never been one to run marathons, but give me a 24 hour gaming marathon in order to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and you can bet that I’ve got my heart and soul set on making sure that I do my part. Will you do yours?

Just Dance 2015 for 24 Hours? Maybe

Last year, PlayStation LifeStyle participated in the 24 hour event, and I personally was able to raise $500 by the grueling final hour. Sure, I was nodding off, sleepily walking off of ledges in Puppeteer, and fighting off the urge to give in to sleep, but I made it. We made it. So many of you stood by my side through the whole stream, watching, commenting, and donating.  And we’re gong to do it again this year, with goals even higher than before. You don’t have to donate a lot, just whatever you feel you are able.

If you haven’t watched the awesome interview that I had with Extra Life’s founder, Jeromy Adams, please go watch it. Get a sense of exactly what Extra Life is and why what we are doing here is so important. Then join us on October 25th for a 24 hour long live stream of games coming from myself, Dan, and perhaps others. I will be starting at 8 AM Mountain Standard Time and you’ll be able to find our Extra Life live stream page right here on PlayStation LifeStyle. Come join the live chat, give us feedback for what to play, donate to the cause, and urge others to donate as well so that we can beat our own goals and help the charity break even more records this year.

At some point I’ll be taking requests to make a fool of myself on Just Dance 2015, but keep in mind that donations will help your requests be heard. Thank you to everyone who participated with us last year, and I look forward to seeing you during the stream while I make a dancing and jiving fool of myself on October 25th! Game on!