The PlayStation Classics: Pandemonium

Did you think I had forgotten about "shine," Keri?

The PlayStation Classics has returned for another week. This time, we are looking at one of the earliest games from Toys for Bob, the developer behind the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Prepare yourself for Pandemonium! It is immediately available as a PSOne Classic for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Midlife crises can lead to big problems. Though, in the case of Pandemonium’s leads, it might be closer to quarter-life crises for these two. Fargus and Nikki want to pursue new paths, as one is an unfunny jester and the other is a burnt-out acrobat. The two take part in Lancelot Castle, but overstep their bounds by stealing an instructor’s book and casting spells from it. This results in Nikki accidentally summoning a monster named Yungo, which forces the two to go through 18 levels in search of the Wishing Engine, a magical device that will allow them to wish away the monster and save the day.

It seems like a tricky sort of game, given the nature of the characters and story. Which is true. It is. It looks like it is in 3D, but it is really a 2D game with a 2.5D perspective. It also challenges people, as you can pick if you want to use Fargus, with his puppet Sid, or Nikki in each level. Nikki is more about accessibility, since she allows you to double jump. Fargus, on the other hand, spins around like a top to attack. Also, it forces you to take notes and actually remember things, as Pandemonium is not compatible with memory cards. Instead, you have to remember passwords.

Pandemonium PlayStation Classic

Magical Hoppers

Here’s what really makes Pandemonium interesting. It is a different game in Japan. There, it is Magical Hoppers. Bandai got involved and altered the story and characters. In this version of the game, we follow teenagers named Clam (Fargus) and Guppy (Nikki). These two are Magical Hoppers, which are sort of like super heroes. They are accompanied by a sentient walking stick named Sid, who acts as their mentor and as a weapon for Clam. Since the universe is in danger, Clam and Guppy need to get to Amazing Land to save it.

This means there are a few major changes. Pandemonium got the anime treatment, which means the opening, ending, and all story scenes in-between are cartoonish. Clam and Guppy look very different from Fargus and Nikki and have a different relationship, as there is a bit of romantic tension between the two. Clam’s moveset was adjusted too, as instead of cartwheeling forward, he rolls forward.

Go Find Your Wishing Engine

Pandemonium wants to be magical. I gives people a chance to help two people follow their dreams and make the world a better place. Think of it as a way to see how far Toys for Bob has come. This PSOne Classic is £3.99 on the UK PlayStation Store and $5.99 in the US PlayStation Store.

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