Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial Lets You Check Out Story Mode

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Dynasty Warriors 9 yet, Koei Tecmo has just put out a brand-new trial. The demo is available now on the PlayStation 4. It allows you to get a taste of what Dynasty Warriors 9 is all about.

In the trial, players have the opportunity to play a section of the Dynasty Warriors 9 story mode. You’ll be able to bring up to three of Dynasty Warriors 9’s massive character roster into the field. In addition, the demo offers co-op, a feature which recently came to the full game. The multiplayer options are surprisingly expansive and allow you to play with both fellow trial players and those who own the full game.

Our review of Dynasty Warriors 9 called it “more of a foundation for the next title than the dawning of a new era for the franchise.” If you’re on the fence about trying Dynasty Warrior’s newest entry, be sure to keep an eye on this trial. The action-packed title is also getting a load of DLC to be released in the future.

Are you going to be trying out this Dynasty Warriors 9 trial? Or have you already gotten your hands on the full game? Let us know!

[Source: Destructoid]