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5 Things A Harry Potter RPG Needs to Get Right

Recently, footage of a Harry Potter RPG was leaked online. Although there is huge potential for a contemporary game based on Rowling’s classic series to be fantastic, there are certain things that need to be executed well in order for it to be a worthwhile RPG. By this, I mean that in order to make a game that emphatically encourages role-playing, certain mechanics and narrative devices must be set in place; in particular, the following five things need to be addressed and implemented in order for the game to succeed as both a Harry Potter game and a role-playing game.

The Harry Potter RPG that is apparently in development is still shrouded in mystery, but if it can successfully implement the five things mentioned above, it could potentially excel as a game that is both true to its source material and good in its own right. An RPG in the Harry Potter world sounds fantastic, but making it a game with a role worth playing is easier said than done; easier said than done, but very much possible if the right things get the attention they deserve.

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