The Quiet Man’s New Update Brings Sound to the World

Get ready to revisit the world of The Quiet Man. Square Enix has announced that its New Game Plus mode is officially here in the Answered update. Unlike the initial playthrough, this new version will fill the world with sound, completely transforming The Quiet Man. In addition, it may lead to some hidden secrets being uncovered.

Check out the trailer this The Quiet Man Answered update here:

As you can tell in the trailer, this version of The Quiet Man will be a completely different experience. Despite the main protagonist Dane being deaf, the world is now filled with sounds. This means you will be able to hear dialogue and music. In addition, it will come with subtitles, which are absent from the base version of the game. The subtitles will be available in 29 languages, hopefully making the game a little more accessible.

The question is, though, is if these changes will fix The Quiet Man’s other problems. The game has been frequently criticized for its combat, controls, and other issues. While the addition of dialogue may make the story more coherent, will it be enough to alleviate the criticisms lobbed at it?

If you haven’t gotten it yet, the limited edition is available until November 15, 2018. Have you beaten The Quiet Man? Are you going to check out this new version of it? Let us know!