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Fan Celebrates Red Dead Redemption 2 With ‘Arthur Morgan in 29,375 Dominoes’

The measure of success isn’t always represented in a product’s sales figures. Sometimes, success comes down to the fan response, such as their dedication and willingness to spread the good word. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets to revel in the best of both worlds. Fans are sharing their excitement in myriad ways. One fan in particular did so with nearly 30,000 dominoes. It was an elaborate, highly-detailed, and down right incredible display.

YouTuber TheDominoKing makes anime, cartoon, and video game-related chain reaction videos. Dominoes serve as his medium of choice for the art he creates. His latest project focused on RDR2’s protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

Check out TheDominoKing’s magnificent work below:

Not only did the artist recreate RDR2’s box art imagery with dominoes, the title and a quote from Morgan were also depicted. Most impressive were the chain reactions as each image was revealed. Small pieces spun, collapsed, and rolled to ensure every domino fell perfectly into place. Putting together this intricate work of art was quite an endeavor.

In the video description, TheDominoKing said he spent about a week on the project. He noted, “I started working on this video before I even had the chance to play the game, so I had high hopes for the game, which I can gladly say it lived up to. Overall this video took around a week of work and consisted of 29,375 dominoes.”

Evidently, this YouTuber is not the only person exploring the nooks and crannies of Rockstar’s latest adventure. The game’s opening weekend earnings are the highest of any entertainment product to date. Additionally, in its first eight days on the market, RDR2 sold nearly as many copies as its predecessor has in eight years. Needless to say, such success shows no sign of slowing, especially with Red Dead Online arriving soon.

A beta for Red Dead Online goes live at the end of November 2018.

[Source via Game Informer]