Fallout 76 Is Under Heavy Fire as Review Bombs Drop on Metacritic

November 14, 2018, was Reclamation Day with players officially exiting the vault and starting their Fallout 76 journey. The game gives players the ability to wield the power of nuclear weapons, but instead, folks are dropping their bombs on the game’s Metacritic pages.

Fallout 76‘s review bomb is a unique case because, unlike most review bombs, this isn’t an angry response to specific business practices or social stances made by the developer. Instead, some people are either outraged by the artistic direction of the game, compared to previous titles in the franchise, or the issues they had getting their preorder. Other complaints are directly tied to gameplay and experience, often citing bugs and the general dull emptiness of the world (in some players’ opinions).

From legitimate critiques of the game to plain judgments of the creators themselves, the bottom line is this: people are angry. The aggregate score has been slowly going up since yesterday’s 1.7, but it’s still only at 2.9. At the time of writing, Fallout 76 for the PlayStation 4 has 246 negative reviews, 23 mixed, and 126 positive. With no media outlets able to have a proper review up, due to the nature of the game, Fallout 76‘s Metacritic will likely remain in the red until further notice.

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