Infiltration Withdraws from Capcom Pro Tour After Domestic Violence Investigation

Korean professional fighting game player Seon-woo Lee, otherwise known as Infiltration, has withdrawn from the Capcom Pro Tour through 2019. This is a voluntary movement following a conversation with Capcom and Lee’s team Panda Global, which in turn was the result of an investigation into allegations of domestic violence.

The domestic violence investigation on Capcom‘s part began earlier this year, when word broke out on social media that Lee was possibly in legal trouble in Korea. In a statement, Capcom noted that the investigation took several weeks due to a combination of legal issues, translation, and a “major national holiday.”

Ultimately, while it was discovered some of the accusations against Lee were false, there was indeed a domestic incident and physical altercation between Lee and his ex-wife that took place on October 22, 2017.  This incident was documented, and Lee had paid a fine as a result.

Capcom stated that while this incident obviously didn’t take place during a Capcom Pro Tour event, the company does not condone violence or harassment. Thus, Lee has withdrawn from Capcom Pro Tour competition for the rest of 2018, and will also not not participate in the full 2019 season.

This is being considered a first offense for Lee, and Capcom stated that Lee, a multiple-time Evo champion in multiple games, will receive a lifetime ban should a second offense occur.

[Source: Capcom Pro Tour]