Every Decision Has Repercussions in This Chilling Man of Medan Trailer

Developed by Supermassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn, comes Man of Medan. Supermassive Games is all about choices and their consequences, where there is no right or wrong answer but every decision can potentially lead to death. This extended version of the game’s trailer focuses on the game’s driving narrative while stringing together a series of disturbing clips set to Mozart’s morbid Requiem in D Minor.

You’ll need to escape an unspeakable evil and save the lives of five stowaways in this title. Your choices will matter but they’ll be made quickly and under immense pressure. Will you make these decisions with your head or with your heart, and how will those choices affect the lives of each of the characters? That’s what Supermassive wants you to explore.

Expected to last around four hours, Man of Medan‘s trailer suggests plenty of relationship and interpersonal trappings underneath this eerie adventure. The video ends with a reminder of the 2019 release window and an ominous suggestion: “Don’t Play Alone.”

While this tip is meant to emphasize how scary the game will be it also feels like a nod to the way games of this genre, such as Until Dawn, lend themselves to an audience. It’s a single-player game but often times people will play with friends and family around them, helping them make their decisions. And the popularity of these games on streaming platforms such as Twitch can’t be denied.

Man of Medan will be part of the Dark Pictures Anthology but it won’t be within a shared universe. Rather, these games will be a series of standalone horror titles connected in style and gameplay only.

You can expect to play Man of Medan sometime in the first quarter of 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: YouTube]