Reimagine the Universe With No Man’s Sky Visions Details

No Man’s Sky Visions will launch on November 22, 2018, marking version 1.75 of this continuously evolving game. The last major content update was The Abyss, which focused on the game’s underwater experience. Visions is going for more holistic improvements, aiming to “reimagine the universe” through increased biodiversity, additional items to find, more vibrant visuals, and global community missions.

Behold the ever-expanding universe in the official trailer below.

As usual, this No Man’s Sky content update is completely free. Thanks to Visions, you should see more variety across the galaxy, with previously dead planets now blooming with life. Mysterious artifacts you find across alien environments will become mementos you can take to your base and display as trophies.

You’ll find completely new creatures during your travels, but will want to be on alert for predatory plants and creatures “masquerading as ordinary minerals.” The game will push you to keep exploring with ancient bones to find, along with the remains of fallen satellites. Be ready to gear up and enter extreme weather conditions to get some of the more precious crystal treasures in the universe.

Community missions will be going global, and you’ll be able to celebrate with new constructible fireworks. Lastly, No Man’s Sky will get a fresh coat of paint with new shades of sky, grass, and water to allow for a more fantastically sci-fi aesthetic.

No Man’s Sky Visions releases as a free update on November 22, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

[Source: PlayStation Blog]