Battlefield V Will Receive an Update Alongside Tides of War: Chapter 1 to Fix Some Major Issues

Battlefield V comes with a rather long list of known issues, some of which DICE fixed prior to the standard edition’s worldwide release. However, players want to know why the studio didn’t release an update on global launch day to address some of the more pressing issues that they’re facing.

Over on Reddit, Producer Jaqub Ajmal revealed that the development team began working on a new update straight after rolling out the previous patch, dated November 14, 2018. He explained that developers have to consider the stage that they’re at while working on an update before including new fixes and improvements.

“There’s always a need to measure the risk of adding more to an update that is being worked on,” he wrote. “For example, we could already be in the test verification phase of an upcoming update when a new issue is found by the players, and adding more fixes to it might invalidate previous testing, which essentially means starting that process again from the beginning, leading to an update that would most likely have to be delayed.”

In light of the above, DICE plans to roll out its next Battlefield V update upon Tides of War: Chapter 1‘s release. Overture will be out on December 4, 2018.

For now, Battlefield V will be getting a server update sometime next week.

[Source: Reddit]