Strategy and Deck-Building Meet in PSVR’s Skyworld

Vertigo Games, the developer known for previous VR title Arizona Sunshine, is bringing its hybrid strategy game Skyworld to PlayStation VR. Already available for other VR platforms, Skyworld will be joining the PlayStation 4 ecosystem with an early 2019 release window.

This announcement comes from a PlayStation Blog post, written by Vertigo Games’ own Paul van der Meer. The announcement is also paired with a trailer, which you can check out for yourself below:

The conceit of Skyworld is that it’s a hybrid of multiple style of strategy-oriented play. There’s turn-based strategy elements, deck-building, and even real-time combat, all held together inside a VR package. In addition to being able to face off against other players online, Skyworld also offers a story campaign featuring eight different “Skyworlds.”

Here’s how it works: Players start off in the Overworld, where they build their kingdom. This is the turn-based part, during which players will construct buildings, amass resources, manage population, so on and so forth. Once combat is initiated, play will shift to a “Battle Arena,” in which the experience moves to real-time. Up to 16 kinds of units can be set up in preparation for battle, and here players will put their armies to the test with deployment commands, and a set of magic spells that can offer help from above.

In terms of VR, players will have access to a level of UI customization, to allow players to tailor the experience to their preferred level of comfort. This includes changing how physical the interactions are, the elevation of the environment, and more.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]