Play King of the Hill Musou Style in Warriors Orochi 4’s Bridge Melee

Warriors Orochi 4, holder of a Guinness World Record, is about to get a new mode. Koei Tecmo has announced that on November 29, 2018, a new way to play is coming via Warriors Orochi 4‘s challenge mode suite. The new mode is called Bridge Melee, and seems to be a survival mode of sorts, with a twist.

Bridge Melee appears to be a mix between a time attack challenge and survival mode, with a little bit of King of the Hill added in for flavor. In Bridge Melee, you have as long as the timer permits to knock as many enemies you can off a bridge. You also have to survive until time runs out, and the better you perform, the more difficult that will be.

As Bridge Melee progresses, Officer enemies will begin to appear. Once you take out enough Officers, you’ll have to start dealing with Deified units, which brings the scale of the battle to Greek mythology. But you’ll have an additional tool at your disposal called Supergiant, which if collected will grant players the ability to knock enemies away just by running into them.

For more on Warriors Orochi 4, you can check out our review of the PlayStation 4 version. It’s already heavy on content, so more free support after launch is almost surprising.