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Watch The Game Awards 2018 Live Stream Here, Get All the New Game Reveals

The end of the year is upon us, which means it’s time for another iteration of Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards. The event has come a long way since it first launched five years ago as a small streaming show, but one thing that’s remained consistent is its notoriety for new game teases and reveals. Developers and publishers have often used the awards show as an end of year foil to E3, revealing things that weren’t quite ready to be shown at the gaming industry’s summer event.

The show starts at 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT.

If you’re wondering where exactly you can watch The Game Awards 2018, look no further. We’ve got you covered. The embedded YouTube video above is a full 4K stream, ensuring you can get every new trailer in high-resolution goodness. If that stream isn’t working for you, you can also view the stream at one of the following links:

Where to Watch The Game Awards 2018

We already know a few of the new things that will be revealed at The Game Awards 2018, including a Crash Team Racing remake tease from Activision that we’re pretty sure is pointing to a June 21, 2019 release. Ubisoft was teasing a new Far Cry trailer, showing what appeared to be a post-apocalyptic world after the end of Far Cry 5, and the leaked cover art seems to confirm that’s what we will see. Rumors also put Dragon Age 4 at the show, which may be one of the over ten new games that we are confirmed to see.

Of course it’s not just upcoming games that will be shown. The Game Awards is Geoff Keighley’s way of celebrating the games industry and a full year of great games, so in addition to the awards, there will be presenters and people that have had meaningful impact on video games and gamers in the last year.

Watch The Game Awards 2018 with us above and feel free to chat in the comments below about all the reveals, awards, and any other surprises that come up.