Devil May Cry’s New Extended Trailer Shows Us V, the Cameo System, and the Bloody Palace

During The Game Awards, Capcom released a new trailer for Devil May Cry 5, along with a live performance of Nero’s “Devil Trigger” battle theme, and a new demo that is unfortunately Xbox One exclusive. But after the show, Capcom Unity posted an extended version of the trailer, along with additional context on new character V, the game’s multiplayer Cameo System, and the new version of classic Devil May Cry challenge the Bloody Palace.

First of all, just go ahead and watch the extended trailer, as it’s a real doozy. We see extended gameplay segments featuring all three characters: Nero, Dante, and now V, and even moments when some of them fight together (more on that in a bit). While we see a lot more of Dante’s arsenal, the main focus here is the first big look at how V works.

V seems like a massive departure from the usual Devil May Cry gameplay, which has this writer in particular super intrigued. Not only does V fight with a cane and make his hair change color with a snap of his fingers, he also seems to mostly be built around fighting indirectly, with a group of three demons under his control. These demons are thunderbird Griffon, panther Shadow, and Nightmare, who is definitely not based on an animal. These demons are all characters of their own, as demonstrated by Griffon running his beak in a scene.

The Cameo System answers the previous question on Devil May Cry 5 having multiplayer of some sort. In this system, players will be able to hop into certain multiplayer scenarios within levels as they are relevant to the story. This system is designed to be as seamless as possible, and will not be active during sequences designed to be single player-only. Additionally, if you arent’ playing online, the “cameo” character will be controlled by developer ghost data.

Finally, Capcom reveals the Bloody Palace at the end of the trailer. This mode will be added to Devil May Cry 5 after it launches, as a free update in April 2019.

[Source: Capcom Unity]