Moster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion Coming in 2019

Monster Hunter: World has seen numerous updates and changes throughout its first year, but now the game is going to be even bigger. Capcom has officially unveiled Iceborne, a full-on expansion for its juggernaut of a game. It is a paid expansion releasing in Autumn 2019.

Iceborne takes place after the events of Monster Hunter: World, and will take players to an all-new, presumably icy location. In addition, the expansion will feature a new quest rank, which is presumably G rank. Iceborne also introduces new moves, equipment, and of course, monsters. This is not a standalone expansion, and you will need Monster Hunter: World to play Iceborne. Thankfully, you have plenty of time to get through the base game before the expansion is available.

The expansion was announced in a special Monster Hunter: World livestream, which you can see here:

Don’t expect any new information on this for the rest of the year, however. More details, including pricing, will be revealed in Spring of 2019. We do know that Iceborne will feature a “full new story” in addition to the content being added. It’s set to be a “massive” expansion comparable in size to the “G” and “Ultimate” versions of prior games.

Monster Hunter: World is going big for its second year. In a somewhat surprising move, Capcom has announced it’s teaming up with CD Projekt RED to bring The Witcher 3 to Monster Hunter: World. The crossover sees Geralt of Rivia himself will be making his way into the world of monsters. With the sales success Capcom has seen, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Monster Hunter in 2019.

Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion will be released in 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a PC version is currently planned.