Blizzard Is Working on a New Game Mode for Overwatch

Whether it is the regular developer update videos or taking to the forums, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan and his team aren’t ones to stay silent on new projects for too long. However, with some fans noticing a suspicious lack of chatter lately from the developers, Kaplan decided to address concerned fans, while also giving a glimpse at some of the features the team is currently working on.

One such project is an all-new game mode. There’s not much else to say on that front, as it seems it’s in very early stages. The post specifically said the team is “prototyping” the new Overwatch mode and that we won’t be hearing about it anytime soon. It’s possible that this new game mode may not even make it to the game, as it is only in the prototype phase. However, Kaplan being so open about this suggests the feature may see the light of day at some point.

Other notable features that the Overwatch team is currently working on include development of a new hero. We already know Blizzard already has around half a dozen heroes planned out, even though it just introduced Ashe not too long ago. Some heroes have already been teased, so we shall see who Blizzard has planned next.

It’s because of the volume of the projects being worked on that the team has remained relatively silent recently. In Kaplan’s words, the team is currently in “heads down mode” trying to complete some of these projects complete.  He makes a point to note that many of these projects are prototypes, although “some of these prototypes will actually turn into features someday.”

Here is the full list of projects currently being worked on by the Overwatch team that Kaplan posted:

  • Top secret stuff
  • Hero balance
  • Quality of life features (including UI updates)
  • New hero prototyping and development
  • New game mode prototyping
  • Feature development
  • Ongoing event support
  • More top secret stuff
  • Top secret stuff

So, there you have it. Blizzard is certainly working on a lot of things, even if a lot of it is top-secret. However, when it comes to Overwatch’s present, the Winter Wonderland event is happening very soon.

[Source: Blizzard]