Amy Hennig Is Getting a Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC 2019

2019 marks the 19th annual Game Developers Choice Awards, and this year it’s honoring iconic writer and director Amy Hennig with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Perhaps most known for her pivotal role as Creative Director and Writer for the Uncharted series, Amy Hennig is a legend in the industry who everyone is always eager to hear insights from. Hennig’s impact on the games spans over three decades, tracing all the way back to the Atari 7800.

With this Lifetime Achievement Award, Hennig will join the ranks of previous years’ recipients, which include influential industry members like Tim Schafer, Tim Sweeney, Shigeru Miyamoto, Warren Spector, John Carmack, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hideo Kojima, Sid Meier, Ken Kutaragi, Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, and Peter Molyneux.

General manager of the Game Developers Conference, Katie Stern, had this to say about Hennig being honored:

Amy Hennig is a powerful figure in the game world; her work exemplifies what good game narrative can be, with pathos, humor, suspense and energy. She is truly one of the most influential developers in the games industry. These past accomplishments are just milestones in a career that we’ll be following for years to come, but for one night at the GDCAs, we’ll reflect on the hard work and artistry that makes game developers like Amy the heart of the industry.

Having helped craft one of the most popular PlayStation franchises of all time, on top of previous work on series such as Soul Reaver / Legacy of Kain, Hennig’s influence is undeniable.

Hennig was selected for this award by the Game Developers Choice Special Awards Jury, which includes notable game industry leaders such as Chris Charla ([email protected]), Laine Nooney (New York University), Brian Reynolds (Big Huge Games), Brandon Sheffield (Necrosoft Games), and Mare Sheppard (Metanet Software).

[Source: GDC]