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Skydance’s Captain America and Black Panther Game Will Be Similar to Past Amy Hennig Games

The upcoming Amy Hennig Marvel game should feel familiar to those who’ve played the creator’s past games. That’s according to Hennig herself, who said in a recent interview that the untitled Captain America and Black Panther game won’t be “far off the mark” from her previous work. Expect “rich” cinematics, and tons of action and adventure.

Amy Hennig Marvel game and Uncharted may share the same DNA

Hennig has been in the video games industry since the 80s, having worked on games like Atari’s Electrocop and Crystal Dynamics’ Legacy of Kain series among a plethora of other titles. However, it’s her work on Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog games that she’s most known for. Hennig worked for Jak 3 before moving on to make four Uncharted games. When asked what her Marvel game would be like to play and what to expect genre-wise, Hennig said:

Look, if you’ve played my previous games, you’re not gonna be far off the mark. As a gamer myself and as a creator, I love playing in the action-adventure space. So again, if you’re familiar with my work, you’re going to be familiar with the DNA. But we’re doing some different stuff. The pillars of our project, as you would expect, are: it’s story driven and character driven, it’s sort of deeply cinematic, and very rich in its cinematic presentation. We’re doing some really cool stuff in that area that I haven’t seen before as well. 

Hennig added that players should expect “best-in-class” visuals. But equally important to Skydance New Media is that the game should be welcoming and inviting for everyone because it’s based on universally-loved IP.

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