God of War Ragnarok Captain America Black Panther

Ex-God of War Ragnarok Dev Joins Captain America and Black Panther Game Developer

Elizabeth Wright, an ex-God of War Ragnarok developer, has joined the Skydance New Media development team working on the new Captain America and Black Panther Marvel game. Wright will be a Senior Level Designer on Amy Hennig’s team after previously working as a Level Designer on Ragnarok.

Wright has worked with Hennig previously

The Captain America and Black Panther Marvel game will not be the first Amy Hennig game on which Wright will have worked. Between 2017 and 2019, Wright also worked on the unannounced and canceled Star Wars game that was in development at Electronic Arts. For now, there is no mention of whether she will also be joining Hennig’s team working on a new Star Wars game.

Wright has quite a pedigree in designing levels for story-driven, single-player games such as and the aforementioned , which puts her in good stead for the new Captain America and Black Panther Marvel game. Hennig has already described the game as being similar to her previous works. We can expect a story-driven, action-adventure title with four playable characters — Captain America, Black Panther, a US soldier, and the chief of the Wakandan Spy Network — although there will not be any co-op gameplay.