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Report: Elements From Amy Hennig’s Cancelled Star Wars Will Make It Into Her New Game

The upcoming Amy Hennig Star Wars game will reportedly be a revival of sorts of her cancelled Electronic Arts game, code named Ragtag. Long before Hennig got a second crack at the series, she was working on a single-player Star Wars game for EA’s defunct Visceral studio, which was ultimately cancelled because the publisher infamously thought that a single-player Star Wars game wouldn’t sell.

What reports say about Amy Hennig Star Wars game

According to known insider AccountNgt, Skydance’s Star Wars game is code named Project Walton and is based in the classic Rebel Alliance era, which is the same era Ragtag was set in. Folks over at Bespin Bulletin went a step further to compile recently-leaked details about Ragtag, the pitch was for which was reportedly seen by multiple people.

Ragtag’s lead protagonist would have been a Nathan Drake-type charming male named Dodger Boon (voiced by none other than Nolan North). His co-protagonist was a female in her 30s named Robie Matox, who was “orphaned and raised” on Level 1313. In the pitch, Boon wielded a pistol that had a grappling hook and whip of sorts that he could shoot out. Ragtag was reportedly set on Tatooine, and its story kicked off with Dodger and Robie stealing a speeder to attend a meeting with Jabba the Hutt, who wants to stop the Rang Clan from gaining power in Tatooine.

In other news, four classic Syphon Filter games have been rated for PS5 and PS4, and Ubisoft is reportedly working on yet another PvP battle arena game.

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