Respawn hiring for a new Star Wars game

New Respawn Star Wars Game Already in the Works

Respawn Entertainment is well on track to fulfill its vision of a successful Star Wars Jedi trilogy. The developer has published a number of new job listings for a variety of roles specifically in its Star Wars Jedi development team, suggesting that it’s proceeding full steam ahead.

Will the next Star Wars Jedi game have multiplayer?

Back in January 2023, Respawn published a now-deleted job ad for its “Star Wars FPS” team, seeking a senior gameplay software engineer with “experience working on a multiplayer game.” The listing was removed as soon as it made rounds, but it certainly wasn’t for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which was billed as a single-player experience from the start and released this April.

As spotted by Tech4Gamers, the new job opportunities published on LinkedIn and EA’s official website over the last week or two seek candidates for principal game writer, VFX artist, and combat designer. Respawn says that it’s committed to developing a “compelling and immersive narrative gameplay that fits seamlessly within the Star Wars universe,” and wants someone who can write “concise and evocative dialogue in multiple voices.”

Although Respawn has said that it wants Star Wars Jedi to be a trilogy, it has yet to officially announce the third game.