You Can Now Spend Real Money on Red Dead Online Gold Bars

Microtransactions were bound to surface in Red Dead Online, and it was merely a matter of when. Evidently, the time is now, as items have been added to digital storefronts and are being sold for real money. At present, the only items on sale are gold bars, Red Dead Online’s in-game currency.

On the US PlayStation Store, the gold bar offers are as follows:

  • 25 Gold Bars–$4.99 (One Time Special Offer)
  • 25 Gold Bars–$9.99
  • 55 Gold Bars–$19.99
  • 150 Gold Bars–$49.99
  • 245 Gold Bars–$74.99
  • 350 Gold Bars–$99.99

Considering Red Dead Online’s in-game economy was recently steeped in controversy, it’ll be interesting to see how microtransactions sit with the game’s growing community. Rockstar has since fixed some issues, with regard to the imbalanced economy, but it is not yet clear if the introduction of mictrotransactions will have an effect on the online suite at large.

Rockstar’s announcement that it’s unsure whether progress from Red Dead Online’s beta will transfer to the full release also raises questions. Chiefly, are gold bars and the in-game items purchased with them also included in Rockstar’s uncertainty about save game progress? Hopefully, details of this nature will be revealed ahead of the online mode’s full roll out. In addition, Rockstar has yet to reveal when Red Dead Online will leave the beta phase.

The latest RDR2 patch, version 1.04, recently went live across the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. While the patch didn’t address Red Dead Online’s in-game economy any further, it did introduce a number of bug fixes, specifically those concerning story missions.

[Source via MP1st]