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PlayStation Classic’s Launch Sales in Japan Trailing Well Behind the SNES Classic’s First Week Sales

The PlayStation Classic launched to a mixed reception as many critics and users felt that it’s somewhat of a lackluster attempt by Sony to cash in on the micro-console trend popularized by Nintendo. In Japan, the PS Classic’s launch week sales seem to reflect fans’ disappointment as the numbers put it well below the SNES Classic.

According to Media Create’s weekly report, the PS Classic sold 120,000 units in the country within its first week on store shelves. In comparison, the SNES Classic sold 369,000 units within the first four days.

We’re still awaiting sales reports from other regions but worth noting that the NES and SNES micro-consoles were global hits. In April 2017, the PS4 was outsold by the NES Classic in the United States alone. Games Industry reports that the console sold 2.3 million units worldwide in its first run, and along with the SNES Classic, helped drive hardware sales up significantly in the US later on in 2017.

That said, it’s too early to write off the PS Classic. Coders have found that it can be modified to add games not included in the preloaded lineup. Once the option is made accessible to the general public, $100 may seem like a very small price to pay to take a trip down the memory lane and play games of our choice. PS Classic may also see a spike in sales in the days leading up to Christmas.

Did any of our readers purchase the PS Classic? Share your thoughts on the console with us below.

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