Onimusha Warlords Trophies

Onimusha: Warlords Trophies Are Not for the Feint of Heart

The fact that Onimusha: Warlords is a remaster of the original PlayStation 2 game means this may already be your second playthrough of the game, but get ready to run it back again and again if you want to complete this massive, challenging trophy list.

The Onimusha: Warlords trophy list consists of fifty-six trophies in total, including forty-eight bronze trophies, five silver, two gold, and one platinum. Completionists will be in it for the long haul, as the game requires you to complete it at least three to five time to score all the trophies. There are also five enhancements you’ll need to max out completely.

If you’re going for this game’s platinum trophy, you’ll definitely want to plan ahead.  Some challenges are at odds with each other. For instance, there are trophies for maxing out enhancements, but one trophy requires that you beat the game on normal difficulty without enhancing swords or jewels at all.

Below is the Onimusha: Warlords trophy list in its entirety so you can take the most efficient route.

  • The True Onimusha: Collect all trophies. Platinum
  • Your Soul is Mine: Use the gauntlet to absorb demon souls. Bronze
  • Lightning Strikes: Obtain the Shiden. Bronze
  • Raging Flames: Obtain the Kouen. Bronze
  • A Storm is Coming: Obtain the Arashi. Bronze
  • Vengeance: Defeat Osric. Bronze
  • Slaying in the Moonlight: Defeat Marcellus. Bronze
  • There Can Be Only One: Defeat Stylado. Bronze
  • Axe-ecutioner: Defeat Barabazuu. Bronze
  • Pest Exterminator: Defeat Hecuba. Bronze
  • Elite Demon Slayer: Defeat Marcellus’s final form. Bronze
  • Save the Princess: Defeat Fortinbras. Bronze
  • The Silent Thinker: Solve the crest puzzle. Bronze
  • Keep to Yourself: Enter the abandoned keep. Bronze
  • Occult Unsealed: Unseal the path to the Keep Underground. Bronze
  • Wish I Had This Sooner!: Obtain the Sacred Knife. Bronze
  • Glimmering Waters: Use the Decorated Sword to enter the East Area. Bronze
  • When Worlds Collide: Open the gate to the Demon World. Bronze
  • Just Halfway: Complete the first half of the Dark Realm. Bronze
  • A Survivor to the End: Complete the second half of the Dark Realm. Silver
  • Blunt Sword, Sharp Mind: Complete the game on Normal without enhancing swords or using Jewels. Gold
  • The Ultimate Champion: Complete the game on Ultimate difficulty. Bronze
  • None for Me, Thanks: Complete the game on Normal without using herbs or medicine. Silver
  • Speed Demon: Complete the game in less than 3 hours. Silver
  • Pro-nimusha: Complete the game and get an S Rank. Gold
  • Ogre Savior: Complete all stages of Oni Spirits. Silver
  • Sight Beyond Sight: Obtain the Vision Staff. Bronze
  • Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Obtain all long-range weapons. Bronze
  • Armor Collector: Obtain all armor for Samanosuke. Bronze
  • Demons Die Now: Obtain the Bishamon Sword. Bronze
  • Walking Encyclopedia: Collect all files. Bronze
  • Never Lost: Collect all maps. Bronze
  • All for One, One for Fluorite: Collect all Fluorite. Silver
  • Panda-monium: Unlock Samanosuke’s alternate outfit. Bronze
  • Scantily-Clad Jutsu: Unlock Kaede’s alternate outfit. Bronze
  • Enhance!: Enhance equipment at Magic Mirror. Bronze
  • Gaunt and Done It: Enhance the gauntlet to maximum. Bronze
  • Max Swords: Enhance all swords to maximum. Bronze
  • Max Orbs: Enhance all orbs to maximum. Bronze
  • Demonic Vitality: Use Power Jewels to increase Vitality to maximum. Bronze
  • Magic Overload: Use Magic Jewels to increase Magic Power to maximum. Bronze
  • All in a Day’s Work: Save a soldier under attack by demons. Bronze
  • Deadly Strike: Use a Special Attack to kill a demon. Bronze
  • Secret Ninja Skills: Strike a demon with Kaede’s Special Attack. Bronze
  • One Chance: Strike Marcellus’s final form with a Deflect Critical attack. Bronze
  • See You Next Fall: Defeat a demon by knocking it down the waterfall. Bronze
  • Road Kill: Kill a demon with a battering ram. Bronze
  • Mano A Mano: Win a power struggle with a demon. Bronze
  • Luck? Yeah, Right: Solve all number puzzles. Bronze
  • Decrypter, Table for One: Solve all decoder boxes. Bronze
  • Soul Whisperer: Obtain the Rosary of Communication. Bronze
  • Fall’s Flight: Spot the flock of wild geese at dusk. Bronze
  • Undying Summer: Find the beetle on the tree trunk. Bronze
  • All Lives Big and Small: Absorb souls from carp. Bronze
  • Bamboo-zled!: Cut down bamboo in the bamboo forest. Bronze
  • Two to Tango: Speak to the first and second old moth man. Bronze

[Source: PSNProfiles]