Sony Job Listing May Hint at PlayStation 5 Priorities and Tech

Sony has posted a new job listing for PlayStation. From what we know so far about the PlayStation 5, we think it might be safe to assume that the position is related to Sony’s next-generation console. Cloud computing and cloud gaming could end up being a huge part of what makes the PS5 tick, and Sony is seeking a cloud gaming engineer. You can read the listing for yourself right here.

The listing itself is pretty dry, but it does confirm that Sony is taking steps to ensure a smooth cloud gaming and online experience for its users. The company is looking for an extremely experienced cloud gaming engineer to implement content delivery network systems, which should take part of the processing strain off of the hardware itself when playing games online or in the cloud.

This may be where the PlayStation 5 is going. AMD President and CEO Lisa Su already confirmed in an interview with Jim Cramer that AMD is working with Sony on the “secret sauce” that will make the PS5 tick. She wasn’t very subtle about it. Moments later and throughout the interview, she claimed that cloud computing and cloud gaming will be a priority, and that they’re working with not only Sony, but also Microsoft to make the most of that technology.

What that means for you and me is still a mystery. We could see a PS5 with no disc drive. We could see a next-generation console that requires a decent internet connection and ping to fully enjoy. We could see PlayStation capable of running games that high-end PC gamers would drool over thanks to the cloud, or not. Whether the tech is there for such a device is still debated, but Sony is apparently taking steps to make further strides into cloud gaming.

As soon as we learn more (which could be sooner than you think), we’ll let you know.