PlayStation 5 release date

RUMOR: PlayStation 5 Reveal and Release Schedule Leaked, Along With PSVR 2 Details and a Ton More

The next-gen console rumor mill is heating up as we get closer to an inevitable reveal and release. A new leak offers a possible look at when the PlayStation 5 might finally be announced to the world, and it comes from a credible source that correctly called Sony’s E3 2019 absence. When Sony officially confirmed that they would not have a presence at E3 2019, some weren’t surprised by this news. It was first leaked a day earlier by Reddit user RuthenicCookie, and many shrugged it off. After announcing that there would be no PSX 2019, it seemed absurd to think that Sony would also skip out on E3. However, in a statement obtained by Game Informer, Sony’s Shawn Layden confirmed just that. Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation would not be attending E3, either on the show floor or with a press conference, a first in the convention’s 24-year history.

The confirmation of this seemingly bizarre rumor made us take a close look at the Reddit user who posted the original leak. RuthenicCookie has been quite active, dropping information about the PS5 release date, PSVR 2, and even a potential Anthem delay. If you don’t want to sift through all of the user’s comments yourself, we’ve compiled them here for you.

When is the PlayStation 5 Release Date?

Please note that the below comments should be taken with a grain of salt. While the Reddit user did get one leak right, it doesn’t mean that all of their information is valid. This is just a rumor until confirmed by Sony.

RuthenicCookie alleges that the PS5 will be revealed in mid-2019 with a similar event to the PS4 reveal event. After that, PSX will return to offer more information, using it to finally show off new stuff for the next-gen console. They go on to say that Sony is targeting a March 2020 PlayStation 5 release date, but that it could get pushed to November 2020. Apparently the console is a monster capable of a stable 4k and 60 fps. The PS5 will use a Ryzen 8 core and cost $500.

In addition to information about the PS5 directly, they also took the opportunity to talk about the PSVR 2 and a few games. Apparently the PSVR 2’s processing box will be built into the console this time around, making the connection much less cumbersome. It will have a built in camera for internal position tracking (as will the DualShock 5 controllers). New PlayStation Move controllers are said to be coming, along with some VR gloves currently being tested. Late PS4 games will apparently also be on the PS5, including titles like Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima.

Oh, and apparently it looks like Anthem will get delayed again. That’s the closest one of these statements that we can verify, so if that does indeed happen, it will give a lot more weight to everything else RuthenicCookie has been saying.

One final interesting thing. One comment in response to someone saying “PS5” was simply “PSV.” Will Sony’s branding of the PlayStation 5 use a Roman numeral instead of traditional numbering?

You can look at all of the statements RuthenicCookie has been making below. Note that there are minor edits for clarity and grammar.

  • [PlayStation] Experience will be returning [in 2019].
  • Most devs already have dev kits for PS5.
  • [PS5] is a monster! 4K/60 stable and at the same time kinda monster.
  • Sony prepping hard for PS5 and one of the reasons for no E3 next year is because they blew all their load this year and have nothing new to show next year (They want to show new stuff at PSX).
  • (Re: PS5 Reveal) Small reveal mid 2019, big one at PSX, Plans might change though.
  • (Re: PS5 Reveal) Remember the very first PS4 reveal? Something like that, but hey, then again, plans might change.
  • Announcement in 1 year and the release in 1.5-2.
  • Nope [PS5 is] coming soon because Anthem is being tested on one of the dev kits, It’s coming in the next 1-1.5 years and boy it’s a beast.
  • (Re: PS5 2019 announcement killing holiday 2019 PS4 sales) They are almost at 100 million, It already ascendant immortality in Sony’s eyes
  • (Re: Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II being on both PS4 and PS5) Mostly on both but obviously going to be made for the PS5. Most developers already has the dev kit for PS5 and from what I’ve heard EA is testing Anthem on it. Anthem is a mess on this gen consoles, going to get delayed again.
  • TLOU Part 2, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima to be PS5 launch titles.
  • Can’t say for sure about Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding is still in polishing stage, Sony doesn’t want to make them PS5 exclusives because they advertised them as PS4 games the first times but then again all 3 games has no official release (publicly) thus no preorder soo the plans might change.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 ported to PS5 in March 2020 (RuthenicCookie only confirmed the port, however, not the date).
  • [PS5 will release] either March or November [2020]. It’s coming out in 2020. They want March 2020 but might get pushed to November 2020.
  • Only thing I can tell right now for specs is Ryzen 8 core, Price is $500. PS VR 2 on the other hand will have no breaker box this time around it’ll be inside the console.
  • (Re: Better controller tracking for VR) Do you want a camera in [the DualShock 5]?
  • (Re: PSVR 2) No [breakout] box. Has a [built-in] camera. DS5 is going to have that too. New PS Move controllers. They are also testing some gloves to go with the VR.
  • (Re: Ape Escape 4) Confirmed.
  • (Re: Bloodborne 2) As much as I would love to, not happening anytime soon jim 🙁
  • (Re: Backwards compatibility) Don’t want to give unconfirmed information. Only thing I know is this: Most of the late PS4 titles will also be on PS5.
  • PSV

Remember that all of this is unconfirmed rumors at this point. There is no other direct evidence to back up RuthenicCookie’s claims, though much of it does line up with speculation that’s been happening for a while now.

Rumors of the PlayStation 5 keep swirling, including a recent leak found on a Square Enix developer’s LinkedIn. It seems an especially perfect timing for the rumors to hit their stride, as the PS4 just passed its fifth birthday. If the rumors and comments are true, we could know the PlayStation 5 release date by this time next year, and be playing it by this time the year after that. Do you think RuthenicCookie is onto something with these leaks? Which of these things do you think won’t come true? Let us know all of your next-gen thoughts in the comments below.