PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Most Impactful Game Winner

Sometimes there are games that stick with you long after they are turned off. These are a games that have a decided impact on the player. Whether it’s the physical impact of a game like Beat Saber, the kinesthetic effect of Tetris Effect, or the emotional weight of games like Celeste, many games have a special place outside of the console we play them on. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Most Impactful Game in 2018.

Most Impactful Game 2018 Winner

Celeste most impactful game


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No one could better describe why Celeste deserves this award better than our own Lucas White.

At first, Celeste might look like a cute indie game with bright colors and gameplay inspired by Super Meat Boy. But as you play, the narrative sinks in, and you realize how the story goes hand in hand with the uphill battle of intense, challenging platforming. As it all falls into place, as you collect strawberries and dash into a wall of spikes for the nth time, the connection to real life struggles, trials, and tribulations becomes the forefront of the experience. Celeste isn’t just about climbing a mountain, it’s about realizing you’re climbing a mountain in the first place, and figuring out how to find your own, personal tools to do so.”

Reader’s Choice Winner

Red Dead Redemption 2

By an overwhelming majority, Red Dead Redemption 2 took the top spot as your pick for most impactful game. The massive detailed open world and intense adventures of Arthur Morgan left their mark on you. We had some write in votes for God of War as well, another game that left it’s mark.

Don’t miss our full lineup of nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing more winners all throughout the week, leading up to the Game of the Year on Friday December 21.