SuperData: Destiny 2 Revenue Back Down to Pre-Forsaken Numbers

Around these parts, Destiny 2: Forsaken has been considered a big comeback for Bungie’s huge online shooter. After all, multiple PlayStation Lifestyle game of the year awards have landed in The Tower. But despite the positive movements in the critical space, Destiny 2: Forsaken seems to have only afforded Destiny 2 a temporary boost.

Not long ago, an Activision earnings call suggested as much, stating the game has underperformed over the past quarter. But now, a report from SuperData has provided some actual numbers to that statement, showing that in November 2018, Destiny 2‘s revenue seems to have fallen back down to what it was before Forsaken launched.

According to the SuperData report, Nielsen estimates that Destiny 2 revenue has fallen by a whopping 63% year-over-year. Of course, not only is that a surprisingly huge drop since the boost Forsaken seemed to bring back in September, but SuperData notes that both engagement and monetization are back to what they were before the expansion. Forsaken has been notably considered to make a huge difference in what Destiny 2 is, so that statistic may be worrisome to the fans still trucking along with the game.

It’s always difficult to point to why things like this happen, but Destiny 2 did recently introduce the Black Armory content, which is part of a new Annual Pass structure. This has led to a steady content roll-out stream, rather than a big, expansion-sized chunk of content all at once. It’s possible this more MMO-like rollout plan has alienated the more casual players, although it’s currently impossible to say for sure.

[Source: SuperData]