Spider-Man’s Sam Raimi Suit Was in the Works for a While But Devs Weren’t Allowed to Say Anything

The highly-requested Sam Raimi suit recently made its way to Marvel’s Spider-Man but Insomniac Games continues to deal with “fans” who don’t quite understand why the studio chose to stay mum about the content’s release. It also doesn’t help that some folks have decided that internet backlash is the reason Insomniac budged and released the suit (quite the contrary).

Insomniac’s Community Manager, James Stevenson, explained in a series of tweets that the suit was in the works for a while but due to “complexities,” the developers weren’t able to confirm its release. “Just know things take a long time sometimes and even then go down to the literal wire,” he tweeted.

In response to players who accused Insomniac of releasing an unfinished product by withholding content to later sell as DLC, Stevenson revealed that although the studio announced Spider-Man‘s DLC plans prior to its release, the content’s development didn’t begin until after the game went gold.

The City That Never Sleeps was all developed specifically as post launch content, and was developed separately and almost entirely after the game went gold,” Stevenson continued. He also dismissed claims of Insomniac being unprofessional in its approach to the situation.

Passionate is not an excuse for harassment. Having paid for a piece of software or a service does not entitle you to be a jerk. You are not always right. Respect goes both ways. We are very communicative, open and transparent, and have proven through actions over and over that we respect our fans. That doesn’t mean we won’t call out bad behavior though.

All three parts of The City That Never Sleeps are now available. PlayStation LifeStyle is currently holding a giveaway for the expansion, which you can enter until Tuesday, December 25.

[Source: James Stevenson (Twitter)]