DUSK Console Ports and Bacon-Scented Soap Are in the Works

DUSK producer Dave Oshry has posted a heartwarming update on the DUSK Steam community page, assuring fans that console ports are on the way. Oshry waxed nostalgic for a bit and fondly recalled a time when DUSK was noting more than a promising proof-of-concept. Now that the game is a cult smash-hit (pun intended), work on console ports and many other goodies is underway!

You can check out the entire post right here, but Oshry does offer up a quick summary of everything we can expect to see in the coming months:

  • Mac/Linux and DRM Free versions are coming
  • TDM, CTF and DUSKWorld content updates are coming
  • Language localizations are coming
  • The SDK + Steam Workshop is coming
  • Co-op is coming
  • New Game + is coming
  • Console Ports are coming
  • The Big Box Physical Collector’s Edition is coming
  • New DUSK merch is coming to The New Blood Store
  • The CD and Vinyl Soundtrack is coming
  • REAL LIFE SOAP IS COMING (wait, what)

While we obviously don’t have a release date to look forward to, we can rest assured that we will eventually get to engage in some old-school polygonal hyper-violence.

DUSK is one of the top-rated first-person shooters of 2018, and it’s something that you won’t want to miss in 2019. If you love games like DOOM and Quake, check out some gameplay footage and start warming up those thumbs.

In the meantime, get your retro fix by checking out Scintillatron 4096.