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A Fan Managed to Make a Portable PlayStation Classic

The tale of the PlayStation Classic is a long and twisting one. Sony’s attempt to market nostalgia has essentially been a non-starter, but there have been fans from all over trying to work their technological magic on the mini console. And one fan in particular really turned the PS Classic into something different, turning it into a portable system! Now, you can play the twenty classic games anywhere on the go!

The creation and the process used to make it was documented on Twitter. The fact it was done less than a month after the PS Classic hit store shelves is pretty amazing. Now, it’s definitely not the most elegant system out there, design-wise. It’s very much reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, actually. It takes the base PS Classic system and fuses a half of the PS1 controller to each side of it. The system probably isn’t the easiest to hold and play, but with a creation like this, that’s to be expected.

There’s the question at how practical this thing really is. You could just get yourself a PlayStation Vita, which also plays PS1 games and is a portable system. However, it’s also not the same as playing these games on an actual PlayStation, so the choice is yours, really.

It’s definitely not the first time someone has stretched the abilities of the PlayStation Classic. This plug-and-play system turned out to be easily hackable, and it was discovered that over 30 games were seemingly tested for inclusion. Naturally, some technologically savvy players have, in fact, managed to add games to the systems controversial library.

Unfortunately, the PS Classic has been a bit of a sore spot for Sony. The system has struggled in terms of sales numbers, leading to it already getting pay cuts at various retailers. Do the possibilities of what it can achieve make it more viable? We shall see.

[Source: Esuteru]