Experience’s Upcoming Dungeon RPG has Some Wild Art

Experience is a Japanese developer that is best known for its library of dungeon-crawling RPGs, including the Demon Gaze series and Stranger of Sword City. But most recently, Experience has been dipping its figurative toes into horror, with the recently-released (in North America) Death Mark, and another upcoming title that’s thematically linked. Going into the new year, Experience revealed plans to go back to home base with two new dungeon RPGs in development, alongside transmedia projects for Death Mark. Now, Experience has released a couple of early art pieces for one of the two dungeon RPGs, showing off what appears to be a pretty high concept setting.

The first image shows what appears to be an amalgamation of ideas, possibly hinting at the new game’s setting. It shows what looks like a castle, sitting atop an airship of sorts. An anchor is dangling from the ship, which itself is super ornate. Also, the ship has several fish-like fins. Despite the anchor just hanging in the air, the ship looks to be effortlessly gliding above a mountain range. Knowing that this is a dungeon RPG, this structure could be one of the title’s dungeons, although it could just as easily be some sort of home or hub space for the heroes.

new experience dungeon rpg art 1

The second image is a piece of character art, which also has an otherworldly flair to it. While the character design itself could fit in the more “artsy” anime-flavored style, the character notably has long, pointed ears.

new experience dungeon rpg art 2

While this is all the information on either game so far, Experience has gone on record stating both titles are planned for release within the fiscal year.

[Source: Gematsu]