This Bloodborne Lady Maria Cosplay Will Leave Your Jaw Hanging

This morning, we saw what is perhaps the most impressive video game cosplay we’ve ever seen. Japanese cosplayer “Halt” has trended to the top of the PS4 subreddit with her mind-blowing cosplay of Lady Maria from Bloodborne.

You can see a few images from that incredible shoot below, which appeared on Halt’s official Twitter account.

There are two things that make this cosplay so unique. The first is the absolutely immaculate costume design. Due to the nature of the characters they portray, cosplayers’ outfits can very often toe the line between classy and tacky. Sometimes they look like they crawled straight out of the TV, and sometimes they look like they crawled straight out of a Party City on Halloween. Bloodborne‘s Victorian Gothic horror theme lends itself to some very sharp costuming, and we can tell that no expense was spared to recreate Lady Maria’s attire.

The second thing that makes this cosplay so wonderful is the editing. When you look at some of these shots, you really have to squint to tell whether you’re looking at a screenshot from the game, or a real human being. The lighting and soft grain mimic Bloodborne‘s aesthetic almost perfectly. One could even be convinced that very slight aliasing, or “jaggies,” were added to make the effect more believable. The cosplayer, photographer, and editor have truly blurred the line between fantasy and reality here.

What do you think of this Lady Maria cosplay? Have you seen any other cosplayers or photoshoots recently that took your breath away? Let us know in the comments below, and let’s get hyped for From Software’s next big project!