Get to Know Miu Before World End Syndrome Arrives in the West

Arc System Works took to Twitter to introduce us to Miu from World End Syndrome, a mystery visual novel set to arrive in the west in spring 2019. In the game, you play as the lead character who gets transferred to Mihate High School. There, his life begins anew and he meets heroines Maimi Kusunose and Miu Amana.

Miu is “a classmate of the protagonist’s cousin [Maimi Kusunose]. She’s calm, rarely expresses emotion, and has lived a life of loss.” Take a look at her in three different outfits below.

After joining the Mystery Research Club, the lead character learns about a local legend in which the dead rise every 100 years. That year is this year. And with one of the high school girls missing, things get more and more ominous for the team of heroes.

In World End Syndrome, your choices will matter. How you engage with the girls during the summer will change the story’s ending. There are several different endings possible. This game has a layer of sexuality to it. Fans are eager to know what changes, if any, might appear in the western version. However, at the time of writing, there aren’t any stated differences between the English and Japanese version or the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version.

World End Syndrome will arrive digitally in the west spring 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

[Source: Twitter]