Mystery and Romance Await in World End Syndrome

At Anime NYC 2018, Arc System Works announced that it will bring World End Syndrome, a visual novel from developer TOYBOX, to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019. Today, the publisher released more details on this release.

In the west, World End Syndrome will be a digital-only release for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Some creative names attached to the project are scenario writer Tomio Kanazawa, composer Takashi Mitta, and artist Yuki Kato (known for previous work in the BlazBlue series).

Taking place in coastal Mihate Town, World End Syndrome sees the protagonist moving into his uncle’s mansion, after an incident forced him out of a larger city. The protagonist transfers into Mihate High School, where he meets Maimi Kusunose and Miu Amana.

Kusunose (VA: Hisako Tojyo) is the protagonist’s cousin, and is the more cheerful of the two characters. She’s popular at school, and a member of the tennis club. Amana is more quiet and “mysterious,” and the leader of the school’s mystery club. She also works at a cafe, where it may be possible to see a different side of her.

Of course, along with the usual high school drama, strange incidents take place throughout the story, and how you, as the player, interact with the aforementioned girls will determine the course. You can end up with one of several endings, with the protagonist’s “world” (parenthesis here are from a press release) subject to significant change depending on how he spends his summer.