Love Adventure Game World End Syndrome Gets a New Trailer

Arc System Works has released a new trailer of the upcoming ‘love adventure’ title World End Syndrome. It’s supposed to an alternate version of the game’s original teaser from October. Gematsu also provides a nice summary of the game’s story, and not everything sounds to be sunshine and roses. World End Syndrome will release on PlayStation 4, Vita, and Nintendo Switch next year in Japan.

Here is the World End Syndrome Another Version trailer:

Gematsu provides a story synopsis for the upcoming title:

One summer day, the protagonist moves to the seaside town “Mihate-chou,” which is situated in a cove.

On his first night there, when listening to the “World End Syndrome” local radio station that he happened upon, the popular radio DJ Hikaru Tsukioka spoke of an amazing legend as if it were truth…

For Mihate-chou, this is a fateful year. In this town, there is a legend that the dead are revived every 100 years. Those who returned to this world are called “Yomibito” (People of the Underworld)… and will bring calamity to the town.

Strangely, the case of a missing high school girl occurs in Mihate-chou this year. Could this be an “omen” of a future incident that will occur…?

The protagonist, who transferred to “Mihate High School,” where Maimi attends, joins the Mystery Research Club, or “Mys. Research” for short (a folkloristics research club on the surface), which is advised by Kaori Yamashiro, the school’s Madonna teacher.

The members of the Mys. Research club decided to have a barbecue on the river bed in order to deepen their friendships. However, there they found the bag of the school girl who went missing floating in the river.

—And a few days later, the owner of that bag was discovered as a corpse in the water.

…Yes, this year is the special year that occurs once every 100 years where the “Yomibito” return.

…Meanwhile, the shooting of the Yomibito-themed movie “World End” was going to begin very soon—.

The Gematsu article also has more information on mechanics and characters, so make sure to give it a read!

World End Syndrome will release next year in Japan for PlayStation 4, Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

[Source: Gematsu]