Twitch Bans Fortnite Player Charged With Assault After Blacklash

Australian Fortnite streamer, Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday, made headlines back in December 2018 after he was caught assaulting his pregnant partner live on Twitch in presence of the couple’s two young girls, who could be heard crying in the background. As the disturbing clip made rounds online, 26-year old Munday was arrested by the police and charged with common assault.

Although his Twitch account was subsequently banned, Munday reappeared on the website on December 30th, and quickly attracted thousands of viewers and a following bigger than he’s ever had before. Horrified users took to social media to criticize Twitch for allowing him back on, while pointing out that the website’s rules are inconsistently enforced.

“I’ve seen channels banned permanently for as little as saying an offensive word,” lamented Twitter user BIGSnowAU. “But you’re letting someone who literally bashed their wife LIVE back on your site after a two-week suspension?”

Hundreds of others echoed those thoughts.

Although Twitch officially remained silent on the issue, at least one employee spoke out in a state of confusion.

Director of Twitch Studios, who goes by the Twitter handle djWHEAT, tweeted:

Yes, I work for Twitch. No, I do not know why every moderation decision is made. I appreciate many of you turning to me for answers, but I’m afraid I don’t have any about this at this moment. However, I’m a concerned community member just like you, and I will look into it.

Eurogamer now reports that Munday’s account has been banned again and all his on-demand videos have been removed.

We’re not sure how long the ban will last and Twitch hasn’t explained how its rules are enforced.

Munday is set to appear in court later this month.

[Source: Eurogamer]