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My Arcade Is Making a PlayStation Classic Wireless Turbo Gamepad

If you were the kid who always had the fancy macro keyboards, gaming mice, and turbo controllers for your video games, you’ll be pleased to know that My Arcade has announced a wireless turbo controller for the PlayStation Classic. The Turbo Gamepad for PlayStation Classic was just revealed at CES 2019, and it will be available starting in summer 2019 for a very modest $24.99.

Here’s the brief product description from this morning’s press release:

My Arcade is expanding its signature line of classic gamepads to include a wireless controller for the recently launched PlayStation Classic. The Turbo Gamepad boasts a programmable TURBO feature with LED indication and rechargeable built-in battery for over 15 hours of play per charge.

If you’re not particularly excited about the turbo feature (we’re actually not sure what we would use this for), you can at least look forward to an affordable wireless alternative to the official controllers that came with the system. Assuming there’s no latency, wireless is always more convenient, and it sounds like the battery holds a great charge.

Of course, if you’re the type who loves to customize everything and you’re getting bored of your PlayStation Classic just sitting on the shelf looking all official and unmodified, there are more than a few incredible soft-and-hard mods out there. Some programmers have already hacked the PlayStation Classic and are working to develop custom loaders and firmware, and someone even managed to make a portable PlayStation Classic.