An Alien: Isolation Sequel Is Not Currently Planned

When we’d first heard about Alien: Blackout, many fans were excited at the prospect of a new Alien game. After Alien: Isolation received generally positive reviews, it seemed that topping most wishlists was a sequel to that game. Fans’ hopes ignited even further when multiple teases focused around Isolation protagonist Amanda Ripley were released. However, the reveal of Alien: Blackout as a mobile game, even one starring Ripley, has left at least a few fans wanting more. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be getting a true sequel to Isolation, or any Alien game on consoles, anytime soon.

The news comes from TQ Jefferson, Vice President of External Development at FoxNext, who talked with Variety of the game’s reception, and the general plans for the Alien franchise for its 40th anniversary. To start off, he clarified that Blackout is not intended to be a tie-in of any sort. It’s a one-time purchase, premium mobile title.

When Blackout was first being teased, the official Alien Twitter account used the tagline “Read. Play. Watch.” The use of this tagline lead many to believe Blackout was only part of a larger multimedia Alien project. While Jefferson did imply that’s what’s planned, he reiterated that Blackout is designed to be a standalone title. It appears that the “Read” and the “Watch” are tied to Amanda Ripley in some way, but she won’t be making her way to consoles in the immediate future.

Jefferson also briefly touched on the Alien shooter being developed by Cold Iron Studios. It’s labeled as a “PC shooter,” so it looks like that’s another Alien game that won’t be coming to consoles. Hopefully that’s not the case, but we’ll have to wait and see until this game is officially revealed. Either way, it does seem that Fox has big plans for the Alien franchise.

Are you bummed we won’t be getting an official Alien: Isolation sequel anytime soon? Or is Blackout more than enough to keep you satisfied? Let us know!

[Source: Variety]