Get a Better Idea of What Compile Heart’s Arc of Alchemist Fights Are Like

Compile Heart has released new, in-depth footage of it’s newest RPG, Arc of Alchemist. If you’ve been wanting to get a taste of it in action, this is just the thing for you. The new clip gives us more than six minutes of gameplay, showing you what to expect when you journey deep in the desert to find the planet’s last hope.

Check out the newly-released Arc of Alchemist gameplay footage here:

While the clip is in Japanese, it’s still easy enough to follow along with. In the clip, protagonist Quinn Bravesford and her two companions, who were previously shown in the Arc of Alchemist opening movie, take on some fearsome foes. Arc of Alchemist is described as a cross between action and tactical RPGs, which is clearly shown off here. While the gameplay is very action-heavy, there’s a deep layer of strategy involved, as well.

Each character has specific skills and abilities, and the formation of your party is key to victory. In addition, Quinn has control of a special piece of equipment, the Luna Gear, which allows her to make use of various elemental attacks. By taking advantage of the weaknesses of the enemies faced, no enemy will be too difficult to conquer.

In Arc of Alchemist, the Earth has turned into a desert wasteland. There is one last hope for the planet, however: the Great Power, which is in the heart of the desert. Both the elements and opposing forces will try to stop your journey, but by using your wits, you can save the planet once and for all.

Arc of Alchemist will release on the PlayStation 4 on February 7, 2019 in Japan. It’ll also be making its way West sometime in Summer 2019, as well.