Check Out the Arc of Alchemist Opening Movie

As we get closer to Arc of Alchemist’s February 2019 release date in Japan, Compile Heart has unveiled the opening cinematic for its action RPG. While it doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming title, it does set the stage for the adventure ahead.

Check it out here:

The main theme featured in the opening is called “Beyond” and is performed by Matsushita. The opening doesn’t reveal any substantial gameplay clips, naturally, but it does introduce us to Arc of Alchemist’s expansive cast of characters. One such character is main protagonist Quinn Bravesford. Arc of Alchemist focuses on her journey to venture deep into the desert to find Earth’s last hope of survival.

Arc of Alchemist is a tactical action RPG where you control Quinn and two other party members. Combining hack-and-slash gameplay with strategic elements, the formation of your party is as important as what attacks you use. You’ll have control of different elemental attacks that you can use to your advantage. There’s also a base-building mechanic where you can upgrade your gear and abilities, meaning this is more than your simple button-masher.

Arc of Alchemist  will be released in Japan on February 7, 2019 for the PlayStation 4. A Western release is coming sometime in Summer 2019. We shall see if the English version will get a new theme song or if it will retain the Japanese one. Does this song get you in the adventuring mood? Let us know!

[Source: Gematsu]