Arc of Alchemist Secures a January 2020 Western Release Date After Many Delays

Arc of Alchemist will finally make its way West after a series of delays. It will hit North America with a digital-only release on January 30th, 2020, with the European physical and digital versions following the day after. The game came out in Japan back in February, with plans to bring Arc of Alchemist over to North American and Europe having originally been set for the summer of 2019 before being pushed to “the end of 2019” back in May, then later to “early 2020” in August. Hopefully, this release date is the one that sticks.

All this extra time has done the game some good. The original release only allowed players to play as Quinn Bravesford, but when the game hits the West, you will be able to play as seven different characters, each of whom will have their own unique abilities, fighting style, moves, and more. The game also features a reworked UI and more facilities in your home base that make it easier to level. All of these added features should at least make the wait and delays worth it.

Arc of Alchemist takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. With humanity on the edge of extinction, there’s a discovery of something known as “The Great Power” inside of a vast desert that can save them. You’ll play as Quinn Bravesford, who leads the mission into the Desert of Beginnings in hopes of finding this Great Power. Of course, things are not as they seem. There are monsters and living dolls roaming the desert, and the team needs to be ready to protect themselves if they want any chance of saving humanity. There’s also a question about if this Great Power is even real and if it can actually save humanity. You’ll be able to answer all these questions for yourself when you play the game on January 30th, barring any further delays, of course.